What do curlew do in the winter months?

Over the last few years, senior ecologist Dr Iain Malzer has been looking at curlew across the RSPB’s reserve network and identifying where we can create top quality habitat for this species. Today he outlines how curlew ecology changes as we approach winter, and how it is important to consider conservation management opportunities throughout the…


‘Cri’r Gylfinir’ – the call or cry of the curlew

As objective scientists we would probably refer to the call of the curlew, but we chose to name our project, based around Ysbyty Ifan and Hiraethog, the equivalent of the ‘cry’ of the curlew, in Welsh. I hardly need to explain why we chose to focus on the call, since it is this which captures…

Lough Erne by Sarah McCaffrey

Developing Nature Friendly Landscapes for Breeding Waders – A Series of Virtual Workshops

The Lough Erne Landscape Partnership in partnership with Curlew LIFE are hosting a series of three virtual workshops focusing on the plight of breeding waders within our landscape. We will be joined by a range of expert speakers at each workshop and discover more about these magnificent birds and how we can help to restore…

A curlew nest on a tussock in a shallow ponds in danger of flooding. Gordonhall, Inhs Marshes

Curlew on a floodplain

We started the first year of the Curlew Life project with a rewarding monitoring season on RSPB Scotland, Insh Marshes. The first results confirm that the reserve is a curlew haven, but our work is far from over.  We will further improve our habitat management and hope to engage local communities in the w(i/a)der landscape.…

Adult curlew in flight

Habitat management grants available to landowners

Thanks to the support of participating farmers and an amazing new team of volunteers, the RSPB Geltsdale and Hadrian’s Wall project team have now completed the first year of a four-year monitoring programme. This will provide important information about the curlew population in the area and the habitat they need to thrive.  Attention is now…

Curlew by Neal Warnock

Celebrating World Curlew Day in the Northern England uplands

Senior Conservation Officer, Elisabeth Charman gives us an overview of all things curlew conservation in northern England to celebrate World Curlew Day on 21st of April.