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A team of 7 people sitting on a low bridge having lunch with water all around them at RSPB Scotland Insh Marshes nature reserve, with mountains and cloudy skies in the background.

A winter in the life of a Curlew conservationist

As the Curlews return to their breeding grounds, we look back over a winter of getting ready for them, with Adrian Samuels, assistant warden at RSPB Scotland Insh Marshes nature reserve… I have been at RSPB Scotland Insh Marshes for two years now, but I only started working on Curlew LIFE in May 2023 and…

Curlew by Neal Warnock

Invitation to Quote: Facilitator for UK Species Action Plan for Curlew

We are looking for an experienced facilitator to develop a UK-wide action plan for Curlew. Guided by the International Single Species Action Plan for Eurasian Curlew, the UK plan will be a key part of the legacy of the Curlew LIFE project, helping to guide national policy and coordinate action for Curlews across the four…

A Curlew flying over a grassy field

Results from our breeding season 2023

The official productivity figures are now in from our five project areas around the UK after the 2023 Curlew breeding season. Our ultimate measure of success is whether the Curlews fledged enough chicks to maintain a stable population – each pair fledging one chick every other year. The data, analysed by colleagues in the RSPB…

A man with binoculars and another with a spotting scope looking out across an upland field.

Curlew LIFE teams reflect on 2023 breeding season

If we had to sum up this year’s Curlew breeding season at our five project areas around the UK, we’d say it was insightful, busy and challenging, but thankfully it was also productive. In this round-up of the season, we’ll take you behind the scenes with our project teams and volunteers, sharing some of our…

Curlew breeding season 2023 at Ysbyty Ifan & Hiraethog

In August project staff Lucy, Emily, Sam, Siân and Rhian were astounded to see and hear one last straggler still attentively guarding a Curlew chick up on one of the moors in our project area. This was a surprise since all other Curlews, adults and chicks, in the project area had departed, many of them…

Volunteer teams boost impact of Curlew LIFE

Volunteers are a crucial part of the Curlew LIFE team. We quite simply couldn’t achieve some of our goals without their hard work and dedication, supporting our project teams on and off reserve in three of our five project areas. With the Curlews now back on their wintering grounds after a busy breeding season, we…

Residential volunteer looks back on life with the Curlews

Andy Scott, Curlew LIFE residential volunteer at RSPB Geltsdale, looks back over a season of pitting his wits against the notoriously crafty Curlews… My name is Andy and I’ve spent the last 3 and a half months living at RSPB Geltsdale in Cumbria, monitoring Curlews as part of the Curlew LIFE project. My role at…

Fake eggs, fluffy chicks & radio transmitters – monitoring Curlews at RSPB Insh Marshes

The Curlew breeding season is in full swing at RSPB Insh Marshes. We catch up with our Curlew LIFE intern Martine Stead to see how it’s going so far… “Now it is all about searching for chicks,” urges Thijs Claes, Curlew LIFE project officer, over a chilli he’s cooked for the Curlew LIFE volunteers and…

Volunteer Week 2023 – Celebrating the local people at the heart of our Curlew conservation

Volunteers from the communities around our project sites are playing a crucial role in Curlew LIFE. As we celebrate this year’s Volunteer Week, Thijs Claes, our project lead at RSPB Insh Marshes, reflects on some of the ways that volunteers are helping their local Curlews. I take a short break from updating spreadsheets with survey…